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What clients are saying...

Krista coached me and in one session it was life changing.  The things she said were so powerful and shined a light on what was blocking me.  No one will be sorry if they sign up to coach with Krista.

Melanie McNamara

Coaching with Krista opened up the new ways I do my business now. Krista's techniques can be applied right away and that's what I liked the most during our sessions. I've had many "Aha" moments and was able to start shifting my perspective right after a session.

Nadiia Solo

"I was taught by a master coach, have had peer, paid and free coaching and never experienced anything like that! You got right to my problem- uncovered it and dug it out! Examined it with me and showed me how to keep digging.  This quite possibly has changed my life/everything.

Yvette H