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  • Discreet and powerful sessions with recordings and resources housed in a private portal customized for you and your experience.
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I offer 2 ways to work with me as your one-on-one Life Coach . The only differences are length of time and cost. 

I do not offer payment plans.  If you'd like to secure an annual package and pay quarterly, you may do so at the 3 month rate.

You'll have access to schedule your first session through your portal after payment is complete.

Annual Coaching Package

  • 1:1 Coaching 
  • 48 Weekly Sessions
  • Use within 365 Days from purchase.
  • Best Value: $7,000 USD
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3 Month Coaching Package

  • 1:1 Coaching
  • 12 Weekly Sessions
  • Use within 90 Days from Purchase
  • $2,000 USD
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What Clients are Saying...

"Krista delivers! She is an excellent coach and can help you overcome whatever has been holding you back from feeling your best in your life."

Lynne K.

 "Krista is a fantastic coach, for the equestrian life and beyond. She helped me work through a HUGE issue I had with showing on Sundays. Ask my trainer, either she was bribing me, forcing me or coddling me to get me in the ring on Sunday mornings. Krista helped me devise a strategy. And not only do I ride on Sunday with only the usual amount of anxiety, I sometimes win on Sunday."

Christine M.

 "Krista has been a good resource to lean on when things with horses get tough. She helps you navigate getting to your big picture goals with confidence in and out of the saddle."


"Horse friends, if you struggle with time, money or motivation to thrive with this all consuming passion in your life, check out Krista's trainings. Krista has great ways to make decisions and create opportunities - and to solve recurrent problems!"

JoAnn K.

"After just ONE coaching conversation with Krista, I felt more centered."


"Krista's life coaching guidance has helped me find new solutions to life problems while decreasing the frustration I feel on a regular basis. She's reliable, fun and focused. Don't hesitate to work with her!"


Krista coached me and in one session it was life changing.  The things she said were so powerful and shined a light on what was blocking me.  No one will be sorry if they sign up to coach with Krista.

Melanie McNamara

Coaching with Krista opened up the new ways I do my business now. Krista's techniques can be applied right away and that's what I liked the most during our sessions. I've had many "Aha" moments and was able to start shifting my perspective right after a session.

Nadiia Solo

"I was taught by a master coach, have had peer, paid and free coaching and never experienced anything like that! You got right to my problem- uncovered it and dug it out! Examined it with me and showed me how to keep digging.  This quite possibly has changed my life/everything.

Yvette H