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What clients are saying...

Coaching with Krista opened up the new ways I do my business now. Krista's techniques can be applied right away and that's what I liked the most during our sessions. I've had many "Aha" moments and was able to start shifting my perspective right after a session.

Nadiia Solo

Krista coached me and in one session it was life changing.  The things she said were so powerful and shined a light on what was blocking me.  No one will be sorry if they sign up to coach with Krista.

Melanie McNamara

"I was taught by a master coach, have had peer, paid and free coaching and never experienced anything like that! You got right to my problem- uncovered it and dug it out! Examined it with me and showed me how to keep digging.  This quite possibly has changed my life/everything.

Yvette H

Group Coaching 

Get Weekly Coaching in a Small Group Format

  • Weekly Instructional Video or Worksheets
  • Weekly Group Coaching Call on Zoom
  • Community
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Private Coaching 

Get one-on-one private coaching

  • Discreet and powerful sessions
  • Schedule weeks in advance
  • Make the most progress
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Free Workshop

Discover the secret to making powerful decisions

  • 4 Day Online Workshop
  • Best option if you don't know where to start
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Self Doubt Webinar 

Get proven tactics for entrepreneurs to remove self doubt

  • Watch whenever you need it
  • Get the best methods to banish self doubt
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Discover Powerful Decision Making Strategies


Get tips, tricks, and proven methods to make powerful decisions each day in life and business.

Decisions are promises you make to yourself.

Action is how you fulfill promises.