Hi...I'm Krista

Certified Life Coach For Equestrians

Living a "Stable" Life 

I love helping other women live with intention.  And I understand the equestrian lifestyle because I've lived it for more than 4 decades.

Wishing and hoping isn't enough.  If you want to live a life that reflects your priorities, you have to take the reins and get into action. 
I'm a life-long equestrian, lake loving girl on a boat or SUP, boy mom to one teenager, wife to a supportive and very understanding husband and "dog mom" to two Aussies (Hazel and Jarvis).

You'll find me outdoors most days; sometimes I even coach there if the wi-fi is strong!

I started riding at 10 when we bought our first pony for $300 and I've ridden multiple disciplines over the decades from stock horses and western pleasure to hunter/jumper to eventing and now dressage with my Swedish Warmblood "Vita Luce" aka:  Vito. 

In my 20's I was a working student for The Clifton Eventers in New Zealand.

My horse obsession has stood the test of time and change as I became a mom and worked in education for 20 years teaching high school biology.

I have had horses at home and at multiple different boarding stables from pleasure barns to AA hunter/jumper to eventing to dressage. 

I've experienced heartache and the highest joy with horses.

And I truly get it when my clients come to me and want help navigating equestrian life--Their Way!

 If I'm reading, it's something about personal growth, holistic health or horses.  I love red wine, whiskey, chocolate and coffee.

I'm looking forward to meeting you and helping you retrain your brain so you can create a "Stable Life in AND out of the Saddle"!

The coaching process starts with a complimentary 1:1 private consultation and you can set that up right here--Today.

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Your consultation will take 45 minutes on Zoom and you'll leave with the certainty of knowing your next step. 

Show up ready to talk about YOU, obstacles you are facting and what you might want in your future. 

If we decide we are a fit to coach together, I'll fill you in on what to do next.

There's no pressure--just my attention and expertise with horse glitter sprinkled into the conversation!

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