Meet Krista

An equestrian for over 4 decades, lake lover, yoga girl, wife and mom--I know what it’s like to operate from a place of perfectionism and I know how to help you move beyond it so you can finally create a business that's compatible with your life.





Perfectionistic behaviors are how we attempt to avoid painful emotions that come from the judgment we think we'll experience when we are vulnerable to other people's opinions. 

But there's a secret lurking just under the surface of all perfectionists:  We are judging ourselves.

When I finally got clear on what it would take to move beyond perfectionism, I vowed to share it with all of you. 

Enter Life Coaching

As a certified life coach, I use proven techniques help you release perfection, envision your future and create a mindset to make it a reality. 

  • Stop deferring to external approval.
  • Develop impeccable self trust.
  • Use your human brain to your advantage instead of your demise.
  • Don't waste one more minute in self judgment or doubt.

Your time and energy are resources you can't replace. 

Let's maximize what you already have--together.  


Work with me and free yourself to write your own ticket to success while staying aligned with what matters most to you.  

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