Hi, I'm Krista-

I have a feeling we have a lot in common.  If I would have had a lifeline like this when I was teaching I would have grabbed hold.  You can too.  Just hop into my world by getting access to my free training.




When I Left Teaching...

I didn't have a community of women like this who were transforming their lives to connect with. But I immersed myself in work that promoted emotional growth and resilience. In the process, I found out that there is more than one way to find bliss AND it can be found on EITHER side of the classroom door.

I've made it my mission to help teachers like you leave the overwhelm and exhaustion behind while keeping all of your options open. 


YOU don't have to leave--but something needs to change.  And it might end up being your work.  But there's lots to consider between now and then.  

  • I know what it's like to feel stuck on a career path that once fit-- but no longer does.
  • I understand that feeling of "getting it over with" each day as the overwhelm compounds.
  • After 20 years in the public schools as a teacher, I am familiar with the challenges you face.


A classic "rule follower", I had no idea that leaving was even an option or that if I chose to stay I could create a state of mind that was healthy and productive.


Getting clarity on where my emotions came from and how they impacted my net impact in the world was my "aha" moment.  I know how to teach you to manage your mind so that you can take the actions to create the life you want.  

Life coaching was the key to cultivating transformation in my own life.  You can let it be yours too.

From Fluorescent Lights to Natural Luminosity

I crave the outdoors--so you can imagine how this classroom felt to me. Lovingly referred to as "The Cave", it was one of the 3 rooms I taught out of that year. Yes. I've been there.

An Avid Equestrian

Find me in my spare time doing all things "horses".  When we talk about where we want to spend our energy in this world, this is my longest standing passion.

What's yours?

A Beginner Yogi

A fan of hot yoga, I discovered this meditative way to move and relax in my 40's.  I may not have makeup on most of the time, but I'm glowing!  (Yes, it's probably sweat.)

How do you rest and restore?

Find Me With My Pets or Outside.

Creating a life that supports my interests means that when I'm playing I'm present and when I'm working, I'm totally in my zone.  

How do you create presence in your life and tap into your zone of genius?


Krista's Credentials

Where did I learn this stuff?

I have a B.S. in Biology

I earned an M.A.E. in Secondary Education with a focus on Biological Science.  I went on to earn 60+ more graduate hours in education and science as I fulfilled my requirements for continued education throughout my career.

My first exposure to coaching included earning certification as a Holistic Health Coach through IIN.  I went on to train with Deb Erickson of the ICAN Institute in her ICAN Coach Masterclass.  

But when I decided to become a certified life coach, I trained at The Life Coach School with Brooke Castillo.  It's through the teachings of The Life Coach School that I have gone on to establish my coaching practices and process.

I began my teaching career in Gurnee, IL in the far Northwest Suburbs of Chicago.  After teaching for 5 years I took a leave of absence and lived in New Zealand for 6 months as a working student for Clifton Eventers.  When I came home I completed an internship in Human Resources thinking I might want to change careers.  But I returned to teaching when I was offered an excellent position in the coveted District 214.  I went on to teach for nearly 15 more years for a total of 20 in the classroom before leaving and founding an online business.  5 years later I created my coaching business where I thrive today.


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