I'm Krista

Certified Life Coach

Once Upon A Time...

I was a frazzled teacher.  I thought the choices I made in my early 20's were mine to uphold, now and forever. I followed the rules, conformed to expectations and thought I had it pretty good overall; but I remember dreaming about my perfect work day being from 10am-2pm and laughing at that possibility. I remember ruminating on what people thought about me and being too self conscious to step out of line.

But I did.  And the work I continue to do today on myself is what helped me.

Fast forward to now and you'll find me living with a lot more freedom and agency than I ever thought possible.  And I have life coaching to thank for that.  

I love helping other women access their inner knowing with confidence so they can embody their own priorities and values instead of "checking boxes" and acquiescing to everyone else's ideals.

I joke with this "before " and "after" image but it sums up how I feel about MY life BC and AC.  (Before and After Life Coaching)

Everyone loves a good "before and after story". 

What would yours look like if you gave life coaching a "go"?


Living a "Whole" Life... 

I'm a life-long equestrian, lake girl, boy mom, wife and "dog mom". You'll find me outdoors most days; sometimes I even coach there. 

I believe we all deserve to live passionate, full lives. 

 If I'm reading, it's something about personal growth, holistic health or horses.  I love red wine and whiskey.  Chocolate is my favorite and coffee is my comfort.


I'm so glad you're here because ...

We all go through seasons.

But they don't happen to you.

You get to choose them.  

 If you:

  • Feel like there is never enough time to do what you want to do in your life
  • Are frustrated that you can't do the things you're really drawn to do
  • Have just about given up on you goals, hobbies or dreams because you think it will be easier later


I'm here to help you find the time and freedom that eludes you right now so you can pursue the things that light you up most and shamelessly let go of the rest.

You get one life.

Which version of it do you want to live? 

Your choice...

 And you'll open up to yourself when your next choice is to work with  me.


Life Coaching Can Help You

As a certified life coach, I use proven techniques in a 1:1 setting (on zoom) with my private clients and while I am an equestrian and market myself as a life coach for equestrians, you don't have to be one to hire me.  I can help you with your life in AND out of the saddle.

Some of the results you might choose to create

(and that I have helped my clients with) are:

  • Stop people pleasing and seeking external approval.
  • Develop better wellness habits.
  • Stop arguing with your spouse/partner.
  • Create more self confidence.
  • Cultivate richer friendships.
  • Change careers.
  • Release guilt.
  • Amplify love--in ANY relationship. (Even with your difficult sister/mother/MIL/co-worker)
  • Make regret-proof decisions.
  • Re-write your past to let go of regrets.
  • Stop wasting your energy in self judgment or doubt.
  • Become less judgmental and more compassionate toward ANYONE you want to experience differently.
  • Evolve in your entrepreneurial journey.
  • Increase your earning power.
  • Ensure your own success in achieving any goal. 
  • Stop blaming someone else for your current situation so you can take back your ownership and control.
  • Shorten your work week and increase your income.
  • Manage your time differently.
  • Stay committed to yourself and your long term vision.

Your time and energy are resources you can't replace. 

Let's maximize what you already have--together.  


All of my clients learn how to set goals you won't quit, make regret-proof decisions and design strategies to overcome any obstacle that presents during your journey to success.  Everything we coach on gets saved to a portal that you can access anytime with saved notes and video. 

Best of all, you get to operate within your own values and priorities instead of checking boxes for someone else's standards.

I only take on clients that are a great fit and we can find out in one complimentary consultation that you can schedule right now.

Your time on the consultation will be well spent.  You'll achieve clarity about what is holding you back from what you really want.  I'll give you immediate action steps you can implement after the call.  AND, you'll make a decision to work with me or not. 

There's no obligation except to make a decision on the call.  You'll know with certainty if you want to work with me so you can stop quietly accepting a life that doesn't fit anymore.  And if your decision is "YES", I'll show you the next steps.  

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