Krista Kehoe  

Certified Life Coach


I Help Equestrian Women Thrive in Every Aspect of Life.

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Life Coaching For Equestrians

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What is Life Coaching for Equestrians?

Most women equestrians are dissatisfied with parts of their life because they are living on auto-pilot.  That's what human brains do for us for the sake of efficiency. 

As a life long equestrian, with a streak of perfectionism, I understand the challenges that equestrian life brings through the decades. 

Your obstacles may be different from mine, but the way you'll feel better is the SAME.

You need to retrain your brain.  And I'm the one who can help you do it.

You don't need to accept "default results" when you're interested in making intentional changes.

When we coach together, I'll help you "see" your thought processes.

Then I'll teach you how to make decisions using a protocol I developed called the "Half Halt Method" that helps you step into your Future Self the minute you envision your goals.

You'll develop "Emotional Self Carriage" and understand the 5 parts of your life and how to create results in a new way--with a "Success Blueprint" that we build together to support your nervous system through your personal growth.

Using a proven system, I will customize a 1:1 program for you and help you develop a belief system that allows you to cultivate a "stable life in AND out of the saddle".

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