The Life & Mindset  CoachFor Perfectionistic Lifestyle Entrepreneurs


I'll help you leave the paralysis of perfection behind so you can create a business AND a life you deserve without sacrificing your values & priorities.


The Self Trust Coach For Solopreneur Moms

I'll help you master the art of powerful decision making so you can shatter your self imposed glass ceiling.


 Become a Goal Getter

(Not Just a Goal Setter)

 Learn to Set Goals You Won't Quit Using My Checklist:


  • Set goals that are "as good as done" 
  • End the pain of "enduring" the process of getting from start to finish on your goals.
  • Focus on goals that GROW you into the person you say you want to be (in life AND business)
  • Stay in integrity with yourself as you create desired results
  • Stop setting goals that cost you your joy, freedom and flexibility 


Hey Krista, I want to...



Rise Above Self Doubt

Discover how to end the paralysis of self doubt with this free training.


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Does This Sound Familiar?

  • You want to do things "right" the first time but there isn't a clear road map to success for your own business so you sit in indecision & overwhelm.
  • You're accomplished in other areas of your life and expect the same level of excellence in  your business triggering self doubt & second guessing.
  • You compare yourself and your business to others and this drives you to enroll in multiple programs while avoiding the work that you want to do in the world.

Bottom Line:  Your old patterns of perfection are hindering progress instead of expediting it.

I've been there too.  I can help.