Krista Kehoe  

Certified Life Coach
for Equestrians


I help equestrians create a stable life in AND out of the saddle. 

Does This Sound Like You?

You have the horse(s) and you're set up with a trainer and a support system for your riding skills--but what about how you feel on a daily basis?

"My goals feel out of reach."
"This used to be more fun."

"I don't feel like I belong."
"Everyone is judging me."

"Maybe I shouldn't ride."
"I'm ruining this horse."
"They're better riders."
"My husband resents my horses."
"Maybe this is more trouble than it's worth."

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Mindset is Your
Missing Link

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 Change The Quality of Your
"Stable Life"

You're living the life of your dreams--kind of.  

On the outside it looks great but inside you're looking for more:

-Time with your horse

Or maybe you want less:

-Resentment from your partner about your horse?

You keep trying new things, but you haven't yet considered that the SOLUTIONS are an INSIDE JOB.

🐴 You can put your horse in training but your trainer can't change the way you feel about yourself as a rider.

🐴 You can change barns to have access to a better community but moving doesn't create a sense of belonging.

🐴 You can ride the safest horse in the barn but still feel nervous.

🐴 You can have the money and the time but still not feel like you deserve to spend it doing what you love.

🐴You can explain why you are passionate about horses to your partner but you can't end the resentment they feel toward your horse hobby.

Here's the thing:  Life Coaching will help you even when nothing else changes in your life.

Coaching addresses beliefs you have that generate feelings in your body and compel you to take action.

Your mindset is either helping you get into the arena (of your choice) or it's keeping you on the sidelines with doubt, judgment or indecision.

The challenges you face as an equestrian are unique and you need a life coach who understands the horse world.

It all starts with a private 1:1 consultation.

More About Krista...
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