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The Self Trust Coach For Solopreneur Moms

I'll help you master the art of powerful decision making so you can shatter your self imposed glass ceiling.


 Become a Goal Getter

(Not Just a Goal Setter)

 Learn to Set Goals You Won't Quit Using My Checklist:


  • Set goals that are "as good as done" 
  • End the pain of "enduring" the process of getting from start to finish on your goals.
  • Focus on goals that GROW you into the person you say you want to be
  • Stay in integrity with yourself as you create desired results
  • Stop setting goals that cost you your joy, freedom and flexibility 


Hey Krista, I want to...



Rise Above Self Doubt

Discover how to end the paralysis of self doubt with this free training.


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Does This Sound Familiar?

  • You're a high achiever and want to do things "right" the first time but your goals get overwhelming and  sometimes you find yourself paralyzed by perfection which results in an abandoned mission.
  • You want to spend your time differently but your career/family/responsibilities don't allow that so you quietly comply and give up on your hopes and dreams.
  • You think there's light at the end of the tunnel and when your circumstances change you'll finally be able to do the things you've been putting off -- but it seems like that time might never come.
  • You crave the time and freedom to do what you love and you're missing out on your life.

I can relate. 

Life coaching can help.