It's Time To Find Your Bliss.

Here's how. Choose the best option for YOU.


Option 1:  Get My Free Training

Learn the basics about how to go from burnout to bliss.  I'll include a special offer after the program that you would be crazy to pass up!

Option 2:  COMING SOON!

Join FLEX --The Group Coaching Option

Get in depth training on the skills and concepts you need to transform your life.

  • Foundations of Self Coaching
  • Love:  Its application to you and ALL of your relationships.
  • Energy:  Addressing your creativity, passion and the impact you want to create in this lifetime.
  • X:  The opportunity to be coached in a group and to learn from others while they get coached.  What I refer to as the "X factor".  

Option 3:  Become A 1:1 Coaching Client

During our sessions we deep dive into your life.  Using a 5 step model, we develop a strategy and process for you to get the results you want. 

You get my undivided attention during our 50 minute sessions while we apply this work directly to you.

I offer a 6 week program or a 6 month program to fit your needs.

1:1 coaching spots are available by application only.  

Apply to Learn More About 1:1 Coaching

You'll fill out a form and schedule a free 1:1 consult with me. After we chat, you'll be ready to make the best decision of your life.

What My Clients Are Saying

Wendy M.

I love working with Krista. I gained a whole new awareness about how my thoughts were affecting me and what I wasn't accomplishing because of them. The most powerful piece is learning how to see this and how to coach myself using the model she teaches to take responsibility for myself and shift where needed or create boundaries where needed. Truly life changing. Super grateful for my coaching time with her!! 

Bailey K.

I highly encourage everyone who has tried all of the other “diets” unsuccessfully to coach with Krista! Not only is she an amazing support, but the true difference comes with her knowledge. To finally understand the WHY behind how true, sustainable, weight loss works was like unlocking a secret path for me. I’ve let go of the shame and guilt I felt with other weight loss plans, and finally feel in control of my decisions & goals.

Jodi L.

Krista helped me realize so many things that I wasn't self-aware of, that my own behavior, thoughts and feelings were creating the exact outcomes that were causing problems in my life and causing me stress. I am now more aware, more mindful, and with that will hopefully come more thoughtful reactions and more desireable outcomes. I am so thankful to Krista and her help!!


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