Two Ways To Stop Quitting On Your Solopreneur Goals

don't quit future self self worth solopreneur goals support Mar 11, 2022

Quitting.  It's the shortcut our brains offer to help us avoid effort and risk while finding relief.

There isn’t a human brain out there that doesn’t prefer quitting to entrepreneurship is hard!

If you’re an entrepreneur or a solopreneur; you know what I mean. Opening yourself up to public eyes is definitely not for those of us with a strong barf-o-meter. Branching out to run a business after decades of conditioning to seek permission and receive dependable financial rewards from a paycheck is uncomfortable.  But it is something we face when we start a business.  The stamina to "stick it out" until you figure out what works for you is worth developing.

So how do you develop the "stamina to stick it out"?  I'm offering 2 ways...and a bonus here today.  Let's get straight to it--

1: Make The Process The Point:

My clients have figured out that It’s really about who you are becoming. 

Ask yourself this question:  What changes can you experience if you stick with it

You’ll see growth in the way you:

  • meet obstacles head on
  • show up for your relationships
  • navigate hard stuff
  • make confident decisions
  • become more resilient, positive and satisfied
  • develop self trust

And more than that--maybe most of all?  The way you show up to ask for the help and support you desire might just be the best growth of all.  In fact, I believe it's priceless.

If building a business changes the trajectory of who you become, is it worth it to stop yourself from quitting?  I think so.  But in order to stop yourself from quitting on your goals, you truly need to understand the long term benefits as well as the short term of sticking with it.  

So let yourself spend time identifying the value you are creating for yourself AND your clients right now.  How are you rewarding yourself financially AND beyond?  Do you take the time to notice your personal growth?  What does the benefit of who you are becoming mean to you?


2: Stop Being An Island

Do you surround yourself with support? 

Asking for help isn’t just something you CAN do--you DESERVE support and love through ALL of the challenges--not just when youI hit the goal.  This was a rule change for me as I developed into the solopreneur I am today and it's something I see my clients grow into as well.  So many of us have had a history with doing things “right”, hitting the standard and busting through the tough stuff but in the past you may have done it with that hustle and muscle I talk about--you know, the stuff that creates exhaustion and burnout. 

When you decide that your journey is all about creating self trust and loving your entire SELF through the messy parts--INCLUDING confusion, embarrassment and big, sloppy fails, something inside of you opens up.  And when you're open, you can more easily surround yourself with people and communities with whom you connect.  And when you're surrounded with people who really understand your journey, it's more fun to show up fully and a lot less intimidating.  

You can join us here in the Perfection is Overrated Society for starters.  Consider yourself invited!

Recap of the Two Ways To Stop Quitting On Your Goals:

These two ways to stop quitting on your goals are within reach regardless of your finances.  And both of these options are things I support with free and paid resources.  When you engage in personal development,  you create a self concept that allows you to show up with consistency.  And when you do that in the long term, you’ll create results you desire.

The way you show up for yourself as a whole person in this business venture you’ve got is customizable.  You can do it with trust, love, compassion and ease.  I can show you how.  And I can show you that imperfection is OK, acceptable, and yes--it’s even better than you might have imagined.  In fact, you'll be more of you--and that's what we need in this world--YOU.  


Looking for a way to connect with other female solopreneurs who are making powerful decisions, staying committed to goals AND releasing perfection?  Come hang out with us.  

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